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FoodSense is the most modern, fastest, and easy to use method for determining the hotness of chillies and chill product. Now can be used with android and more affordable price.

#foodtesting #biosensors #chemistry #hotsauce

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Selamat dan sukses kepada April Wardhana, SKH, MSi, PhD . atas pelantikannya menjadi Peneliti Ahli Utama, semoga dengan jabatan yang baru bisa memberikan kemanfaatan yang lebih besar.

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November 30th, 2022, PT Mitra Asiatek Biosensor as a partner, was invited to the UNPAD innovation appreciation at Graha Sanusi, Bandung. Collaboration between the Company and Prof. Yeni Wahyuni as the initiator in the KEDAIREKA program, led us to become one of the nominees in the field of technological innovation.

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