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Do you want to analyze your sample with FoodSense from Zimmer and Peacock Ltd but don't have a FoodSense kit yet? Now get your sample analysis using our FoodSense kit located in Norway. Get free shipping to Norway for a minimum of 10 samples during 22 March-21 April 2023! Don't miss it! Promo only available for Asia, Australia dan New Zealand. Please kindly contact us for more information -

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We are pleased to inform that we have a new partner, Baoding Shenchen Precision Pump Co.,Ltd.

A peristaltic pump is positive displacement pump that transfers a wide variety of fluids. Due to their capacity to accurately and consistently pump a wide range of fluids, peristaltic pumps are widely utilized in many industrial applications. Please kindly contact us for more information -

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[Coming soon]

FoodSense is the most modern, fastest, and easy to use method for determining the hotness of chillies and chill product. Now can be used with android and more affordable price.

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